Golf Course Grooming Schedule

Dear LWSC members,
This winter season has started exceptionally well and I would like to thank Mark Millette and his dedicated crew for the outstanding service they are providing our members and guests.  As we come off the holiday stretch and move into a regular winter schedule I and the Board have asked Mark not too groom the Golf Course mid week and to increase the grooming at Ski Hill. The reason for this move is purely financial.
The recent survey did indicate that members would like additional grooming at the Golf Course, but for that to happen we need a new piece of equipment. The club needs a new groomer, a machine that will replace the now disabled Imp which we have used to groom the Golf Course and trails into town. The reality is that we cannot afford to transport a groomer out to the Golf Course mid week and expect to be in a strong financial situation when it comes time to buy or lease a machine next year.
Currently the club is in the process of being considered for a grant, and with help from the City of Leavenworth we will hopefully get there. We still need to provide $20,000  which we do not have for our contribution to the grant. Regardless of the grant it is our intention to somehow secure an additional groomer for next season for use on the Golf Course and potentially other areas. In our recent grant request we estimated that the club would save $30,000 per year if we purchased a machine for the Golf Course & Waterfront Trail.  LWSC currently spends about $125 per hour to groom that venue with the current equipment, requiring 50 hours per week of work including transportation and grooming.
Leavenworth ski trails are unique as none of our trails are connected and the cost and damage associated with moving such large pieces of equipment is huge. Being financially minded for our future, I ask you to bear with this decision for this season so we are in a better financial situation to purchase a new machine. Grooming will still take place at the Golf Course on the weekends. The Board and General Manager will continue to try and find a suitable option for grooming. If you have any ideas or suggestions I am available to any of the members who would like to discuss it further.  Please send comments to with "attention to Damian."


Damian Browne

LWSC Board President