Letter From LWSC Board President

Letter to LWSC members,

I was up at Ski Hill after the Fall Fundraiser and was taken back by the missing patio. After seeing the amazing visual of the proposed patio by architect Todd Smith, it seemed so natural and harmonious with the lodge, that I found it difficult to imagine the lodge without one there. While walking and reflecting on the success of the fundraising evening at the Leavenworth Festhalle, I felt an amazing amount of pride being part of this club and community and thankful for the amazing employees, creative, generous, and inspiring neighbors we have.

As the temperature begins its slow march south and the leaves become carpet we look forward to upcoming ski season knowing that despite global warming and uncertain economic times, the club will do everything in its power to continue offering the best possible experiences it can.

 The challenges that face a small community ski area are many and prioritizing their importance just as difficult. One thing that seems almost certain is that the club is going to have to grow in order to survive in the future. The Ski Hill Patio Project is an intricate part of the future infrastructure. The ten year plan the club provides the US Forest service is up for renewing and it is the road map we use to direct the club at Ski Hill. In the next few months we will solidify our goals and invite members to join our monthly meetings to review the possibilities of expanding our future offerings.  

So on behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to thank everyone for being part of the club, and for your dedication to the long term goals of providing a special place to recreate for future generations.    


Damian Browne

LWSC President