Ski Hill Volunteer Work Day

Fall Cleaning!

Its that time of the year again.  Most of us do "spring cleaning", however, here at Ski Hill we prefer "Fall Cleaning" as we get ready for another amazing year full of snow, smiles, good food and good crowds. Below you will see our long list of tasks to complete before the snow flies.  Please email if you have a specific task you would like to sign up for.

Annual Leavenworth Ski Hill Volunteer Work Day 
November 5, 2017, 10:00AM - 4:00 PM 
Prepare Ski Hill for Winter Operations and the ability to open Tubing, Nordic and Alpine operations on a minimum amount of snow. Let’s make it look like a Park! 
  • Weed-Eat / Buzz a 10’ radius around all buildings
  • Weed-Eat / Buzz a 10’ radius around well-head across from Big Tow Bldg
  • Weed-Eat / Buzz a 10’ radius around all permanent fixtures such as tows, stop gates, power vaults, light poles, on-slope trees, signs, barriers and delineation rocks
  • Weed-Eat / Buzz 10’ distance from the rope on the light side of all tows 
  • Weed-Eat / Buzz Tubing Hill and Berms 
  • Pile limbs and brush to be chipped 
  • Stack Lodge Wood Shed 
  • Brush ingress / egress and around old Restroom/Storage Shed 
  • Mow Nordic Trails 
  • Mow Alpine Slopes 
  • Brush, lopper and Weed-Eat / Buzz island behind Little Tow 
  • Brush and clean ½ culvert behind Little Tow 
  • Brush and clean area and culvert behind Big Tow and counterweight area 
  • Remove any objects that will/could damage mowing or grooming equipment 
  • Check and replace failed night light fixtures as marked 
  • Pick-up and discard all trash & litter 
  • Clean Lodge concession area, restrooms, common areas, storage areas, wash windows 
  • Close, seal and block all voids in foundation, siding and doors 
  • Kick the rodents out 
Ski Jump 
  • Mow and Weed-Eat jump hill 
  • Weed-Eat ski jump tow path 
  • Weed-Eat ski jump judges stand 
Nordic Trails 
  • Remove overhead branches 
Parking Lot 
  • Mow and Weed-Eat parking lot around big rocks and outside of light pole perimeter
  • Weed Eater, lopper, chainsaw, fuel, hand saw, gloves, hearing & eye protection, PPE 
  • Hydration
  • Enthusiasm and smile


When & Where

Sun, 11/05/2017 -
10:00am to 4:00pm
Leavenworth Ski Hill